Going To The Next Level

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Vision - Going To The Next Level

Reasons Every Student Usually Lives to Succeed

Darcell Whitaker

Darcell Whitaker, a graduate of Petersburg High School, is continuing his college career at Norfolk State University. His story is one of interests because in order to achieve his goals, he had to learn many lessons, change some of his behavior and practices and renew his commitment to academic success.

He did not realize until he entered high school, that although he was a good athlete with much potential, he could participate in high school sports because he did not meet the requirements. In summary, he needed a grade point average of 2.0 and he just did not have it.

Determined to make his dreams come true, with the help of his father, Roy, and his high school guidance counselor, Darcell devised a plan and worked hard and consistently to put that plan into effect.

What did he do? Darcell:

  • improved his overall academic performance and improved his grade point average (G.P.A.) by changing his study habits.
  • worked consistently with a tutor in the areas in which he was having problems
  • continued to work to condition his body in order to be physically prepared, competitive and able
  • scheduled regular workouts with the football team when it was possible
  • developed and incorporated a workout plan for off season, so that he would be active through the year.

It took time, hard work and commitment, but in time, he began to meet all of his goals. During high school, he also took advantage of football and sports camps. In each of those, he also set new standards which resulted in new achievements.

Rather than to adopt the attitude of a failure, he worked harder. Through camps he met many new challenges and opportunities and was determined that his past was not his end. Rather, it was not too late for him to turn his low pre-high school performance into a brighter future.

Some of the programs, camps, and clinics he attended were: The Petersburg High School Junior Clinic (Petersburg, VA); NCU 100, East which was by invitation only; the Maryland Technique in Maryland; Charles Wilson football Camp, Norfolk, Virginia; the East Carolina University Football Camp (North Carolina), and the Elite 100 Camp in New Jersey.

Highlights in Darcell’s story include that he was accepted in the NCU 100. That was great because in order to participate he had to be invited. During that camp, Darcelle was selected Most Valuable Player and as a result was invited to attend the Elite 100 Camp which is held in New Jersey.

Darcell’s story of success can be found in the website: While Darcell consider attending many colleges and universities including Duke, East Carolina, Georgia Tech and Hampton, he was recruited and enrolled at Norfolk State University after overcoming all of his academic challenges.

Hard work, dedication and commitment to his Vision, worked for Darcell Whitaker and those characteristics can work for you as well.

Good luck.